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  • We service ANY arcade machine (From Ms. Pac Man to Golden Tee Golf and anything in between!
  • We service all Pins with a digital display board  
  • We repair any type of redemption games, From Skee Ball Top Super Shots

Wondering How We operate?

Here are the rates for service:

They are Monday through Friday from 10am-5pm. The daily rate for

labor is $100 an hour for the first 2 hours, then it drops to $50 for

each additional labor hour (basically half price after the second

hour).  This does not include the cost of parts or major repairs

(if necessary).  There is also a $25 fuel charge for distances of 25 miles

or more up to 49 miles in travel. $50 for 50 miles or more

(if over 100 miles of travel please confirm the estimated distance, for the hourly rate may have an increase due to time of travel). 

Lastly, Invoices are to be paid on the same day of service.


*Please Note. Weekend and Holiday Rates are $125 for the first hour of service. Then our normal rates will apply after the first hour.*

In Shop Repair ( a more cost effective solution). Our In Shop Repair allows us to perform additional diagnostic testing, repairs, and troubleshooting. It’s rather difficult to bring all of our top equipment with us in the field, and depending on your issue our In Shop option saves you money because there’s no hourly rates. We will provide an all encompassing flat rate to  fix your machine and perform maintenance and quality checks for no extra charge.

The average in Shop repair is estimated at $299.00 (this does not include the price for parts or major repairs if needed).  WE ALWAYS contact customers personally to inform them of what parts or repairs are needed! We give you the full price on all costs before moving forward with any ordering processes!.  Our customers always receive receipts and warranties if they’re available.  Once the game is ready to be delivered, we will call and email you the total which will include:

  1. Flat rate for repairs
  2. Cost for parts/repairs  
  3. Fuel Charge 

We accept credit cards by phone and we are paypal verified as well.  Once payment is made we will set up a time to deliver your machine back to you.

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**Disclaimer: There will be a $50 a week storage fee on ALL items, including games, boards, Monitors, game parts and ​anything else​ left with us for 30 days past the date we email you with your invoice and let you know the repair is complete​. Anything after 90 will be discarded.​ ​We have parts and games coming into our shop daily and do not have the space to store items left behind for more than ​90 day​s. So please pay invoices as soon as possible so we can set up a service visit or do whatever is necessary to finish putting your game back together for you.